Peter goes to the moon

by Tom Gavron

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PETER lies in his bed, feeling oh so sad! He wants to rise to the moon and the stars up above He blows in his blanket as the wind carries him high above… PETER goes to the moon, he will arrive there soon The earth becomes smaller and smaller as he drifts away If you look to the sky you can only see his silhouette But PETER, don’t go to the sun! She will crash your bed like a puppet-house And you will fall down Down to the bottom of the ocean, PETER! But PETER goes to the sun, ignoring the warnings of everyone He never thought the sun would throw him down He never thought the sun would be so cruel to him… And when he approaches the sun the heat becomes unbearable The sun destroys his blanket and PETER falls into the floods...
This Town 03:14
This town is like a mouth… He eats everything he can have And if you’re not very careful You soon will become sad! The richness of the world Lies here secured in giant boxes But only the cold blooded townsfolk Will have their money waiting! But when night falls on the town PETER misses his distant home And every place and every tree He feels so alone away from his home “Is there someone waiting for me?” PETER’s nightmares controlling his live He doesn’t want to get up he has no will to survive The doctors are helpless they only advice: “Sir, if you not careful you must pay the price!” And the meaning of the story… Don’t fight for fame and glory If darkness comes into your mind Just go away or you’ll be blinded!
Night Song 04:12
My dearest, when the sun comes down I’ll be at your side and leave the town The moon shines oh so bright tonight I kiss your lips in the starry night… Sleepy she falls in my arms I hold her till the morning embraces our hearts The angels sing their lullaby Sent with wishes from the moonlit sky ‘Cause she is the reason that makes me feel Like in these moments of poetry Like Romeo and Juliet But the end of the story is always sad I don’t want to miss her face…
Dreamland 03:09
Pack your things away- you have to leave the land Whisper all the dishes to the roaring plank Pack your things away- you have to leave your home! Screams the roof and scream the walls and the telephone… You will run to distant seas and country-sides Don’t forget your target; keep it in your side! You will run to distant seas and distant tribes Till the truth will come your way and you will find… Never land, here in your sight, you see it and you feel it Here comes the place where the dreams have their homeland… You see when the morning approaches You see when the evening arrives Here in dreamland… But when PETER falls deep into the dreams that we all dream Dreams that may fade or may stay a little while PETER joins this world and all the different colours He never thought of leaving for a long time He’ll never wanna leave it!
The Ocean 09:41
My heart is rising to the silent places Away from all you’ve seen before And when the nightly storm is raging I hold you in my arms and save you… I’m swimming through the night To an island on the sea and I feel free for a while The clouds running high through the endless sky The ocean is all I adore
I love you but I love coffee Drinking it every day and night So if you want to stay by my side You should love coffee, too Cooking it every day and twilight Cooking it every day and twilight, baby… So that I would love you, too Love coffee and love you. You...
Fool In Love 04:20
The smile upon her face Follows me in all my ways Through the days and through the nights I’m just a fool in love And when she looks at me My heart stops beating suddenly I can’t control myself, you see I’m just a fool in love See her eyes like the ocean when the sun comes up And her hair is like a wild growing rose bush… Which blooms in the shadow of a desert tree Far from here in the silence of the days fading into the past And all I have to say is It’s hard for me to stay away Then when she turns to me I fall in love
Time is all I pray for, is all I want, is all I need… I see your face, when I look into the mirror It turns to grey and then it fades away... It’s only you my love that I‘m missing It’s only you my love that I’m dreaming of Here I am riding between the stars The years fly away too fast What would I do if I could turn back time? All alone Your photographs are my only memories They make me tearful, they make my sad… Restlessness rules now in my life It makes me sleepless, it makes me mad
Farewell 04:15
Dreams may be wild or may be soft Let them float in your mind To see all the beauty in yourself Join the world and take your time To find what you are looking for Take this gift and break new ground ‘Cause this is the time to make a chance And love will come around… Dry may be the ocean But when PETER is on his way Then rain will keep falling On a wonderful green day “My heart is here… To bring the love that will shine your eyes Like all the clear blue skies” This may be the end of All the songs that I will sing But if you are brave then Write your own and let them cling To all the stars And there is PETER going to the moon…
Peter begins 05:24


Die Geschichte von Tom Gavron & The Symphonics beginnt 2006 in Dresden. In kammermusikalischer Besetzung mit Gesang, Piano, Cello und Violine entsteht die Band Tom Gavron & Ensemble. Dahinter steckt die Idee, Songs nicht mit Pop-, sondern klassischen Musikern zu schreiben und aufzuführen, wodurch ein sinfonischer Sound entsteht.

2008 erscheint das erste Album „Peter goes to the moon“. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt orientiert sich das Ensemble musikalisch am Genre der Filmmusik und des Musicals. Im Einklang dazu ist das erste Album stark von einer erzählerischen Atmosphäre geprägt.


released September 20, 2008

Tom Gavron - Piano*, Gesang
Philipp Weihrauch - Cello
Michael Spiecker - Violine
Sebastian Lüdtke - Piano

Gast: Dorothea Wagner (Gesang, Track 12)

* Track 1, 7, 9, 13, 15


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Tom Gavron Leipzig, Germany

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